The Best Antique Car Shipping Services


We love shipping exotic cars, supercars and vintage cars! Plus, we do it professionally.


Open Auto Transport


TCI Logistics knows how valuable and expensive vintage vehicles are. It is not just an investment, there is the sentiment, as well. You can only trust your super car to the best auto transporter. And we can provide a state-of-the-art shipping service. With us, your car is professionally handled, end-to-end. We will find the best, most experienced car carrier to deliver your vintage auto right to you, intact.
TCI Logistics transports antique vehicles nationwide, offering a door-to-door service. You are moving to a new state or city, or you have just purchased a new car – we have you covered. Furthermore, you need your super car delivered timely and efficiently to an expo or a show – call us today!


Open Auto Transport for Vintage Cars


Open transport is ideal if you have purchased an antique vehicle and it needs to be repaired. Shipping a vehicle via an open auto transport is by far the cheapest and fastest option to choose.
When you have to budget for expensive repair and restoration service, it is logical to look for more affordable price rates. As the shipping cost for antique cars may vary and increase based on factors such as seasonality and distance, you should ask for an instant quote in advance. When you compare price quotes from transporters shipping antique vehicles, be careful and research company further.

Vehicle transport via open carriers
Open car transport


Enclosed Transport for Supercars


Enclosed auto transport is the right choice if your antique vehicle has been fully restored and it is in a great condition. Even though shipping via an open transport rarely incurs any damages in transit, your vehicle is exposed to the current weather conditions and road debris. By choosing enclosed transport, you protect your vintage car from unfortunate weather extremes.


TCI Logistics can help you in any occasion:


Buying or selling antique vehicles can be pretty stressful. Let us take care of the auto transport – we provide outstanding service at affordable rates.
Exhibiting at a car show, expo or a museum – TCI Logistics will make sure that your vehicle is delivered on time. Our dispatch coordinators can guarantee prompt pick-up and delivery of your vehicle based on the dates you provide us. Ask about our round-trip specials.
Relocation – we will assist you moving your classic car to your new place. Your vehicles will be transported in a safe and prompt manner. We will meet your requirements and time schedule. Moving can be very frustrating, and so let us help you reduce the car shipping costs and save you time and the extra work.
Once again, when you are looking for a classic car transport provider, make sure that you require a professional quote to calculate your cost prior to booking.

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