Professional Boat Transport Services: How to Reduce Boat Shipping Costs

We understand how frustrating shipping a boat or even just your jet ski can be. It all starts with a good planning and preparation. As vessels come in many sizes, there are quite a few factors to consider when you calculate your boat shipping service cost. Professional companies that provide boat transport services calculate costs based on the size and the weight of the vessel, its condition, the required permits and insurance, weather forecast, accessorial equipment needed on pick-up and delivery.

When you are looking for the best boat transport provider, make sure to compare price quotes, and take into consideration company experience and expertise. To reduce the boat shipping cost, professionals will offer you the most efficient route and type of transport. The experts at TCI Logistics will give you the best price to ship your boat based on your requirements and individual needs.


How to Prepare Your Boat for Shipping


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There are a few things you can do to prepare your boat for safe shipping and ensure a smooth boat transport. You need to secure any loose items to prevent possible damages during transport. Before disassembling parts on your boat, take good, high resolution photos, so that you can re-assemble and hook up after the transport.
You should also remove all personal belongings from your vessel. Next, you should also clean your boat’s/yacht’s exterior and interior, and thoroughly inspect for any damages. If your vessel is high end, it is also recommended that you have it inspected by a licensed marine surveyor.

Shipping a boat - what to do:

  • Secure all loose gear above and below deck.
  • Seal hatches to avoid any possible water damage.
  • Drain all fuel, water and waste tanks.
  • Remove drain plugs from the hull.
  • Disconnect batteries and electronic devices.
  • Put cables away.
Boat Transport

Boat Transport Services for Any Occasion

Vehicle transport via open carriers
  • Relocating to a new location – we can ship all kind of vessels inland or overseas to any point on the U.S.
  • Vacation – count on our experts to ship your boat or jest ski right to your holiday location.
  • Seasonal boat transportation - TCI Logistics will make sure that your boat is where you stay for the holiday season.
  • Out-of-state boat shipping – if you have just bought a new boat, you are planning sell a vessel, we can help you facilitate the purchase/sale process by providing fast and professional shipping services.

TCI Logistics provides professional, quick and easy boat transport at affordable rates.
We have transported more than 200 boats only in the year of 2017, and this number is only growing.
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