Is Enclosed Auto Transport the Right Option for You?


Open Auto Transport


Maximum Protection for Expensive Cars


Enclosed car carriers provide maximum protection for your vehicle. Sometimes, weather can suddenly change and thus affect the safe and damage-free transport of your car. If you want to transport high end vehicles, then you would better hire an enclosed car carrier.
Enclosed auto transport adds another layer of protection. This type of shipping services is greatly recommended when you are shipping a vintage car, sports car, luxury boats and all kinds of high end vehicles.


The Best Enclosed Auto Transport – Quotes and Delivery Time


Arranging an enclosed auto transport requires more time to plan and execute. There is less availability when it comes to booking an enclosed car carrier and so you should plan more time to complete the job.
Another consideration to have in mind is that shipping a car in an enclosed trailer could cost twice as much as the open auto transport. To better budget your vehicle delivery, you need to require a custom quote to find what would be the costs associated with enclosed auto transport.

Vehicle transport via open carriers
Open car transport


Enclosed Auto Transport Costs


Insurance coverage is higher when supercars, exotic vehicles or vintage cars are transported on an enclosed car carrier. And, we have unparalleled requirements when it comes to that type of transport. Enclosed car transport incurs higher costs in order to guarantee protection against weather and road debris.
Enclosed car transporters use advanced trailers which have either a soft or a hard cover that encloses your vehicle completely. Enclosed car trailers usually carry between 3 and 6 vehicles.


Expedited Enclosed Car Shipping and Hydraulic Lift Gate Service


If you are looking to ship your car very fast, with a short notice, to expedite shipping, we deploy our smaller car carrier trailers. The latter are much faster and can accommodate up to two vehicles.
Supercars and modified vehicles that have low ground clearance require special handling. That is why we would utilize a hard-side hydraulic lift gate. The lift gate is basically a platform which facilitates the process of loading. Once the car is safely loaded, the driver straps the vehicle down using some soft straps.

Vehicle shipping via open carrier
Open auto transport


Safety is Your Top Priority


Dealerships would require enclosed car transport when they want to ship exotic vehicles. However, you do not need to own a high end vehicle to request enclosed vehicle shipping services. The experts at TCI Logistics would be happy to arrange the safest transport using an enclosed car carrier.

We work with some of the most reliable fleets of enclosed auto shippers, including our own trucks. When safety is a top priority, we would go above and beyond to meet your requirement.


Work With the Best Enclosed Car Carriers


TCI Logistics is a licensed and insured car shipping provider. We have a profound knowledge about classic, luxury, and exotic cars, and so we can organize the whole shipping process, end-to-end. Over the years, we have managed to streamline the car haul delivery process and optimize the associated car shipping costs.
Remember, the best enclosed auto transporters will offer you affordable rates without compromising quality and safety.

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