Professional and Reliable Auto Transport for Inoperable Vehicles

Shipping a Non-Operable Vehicle – Reduce Costs, Get the Best Price Rates!

Typically, if a driver has to use a winch to transport your non-operable car, the total cost of the shipment would increase by $100 or $150. Please, keep in mind that each case is individual and depends on numerous factors, such as distance and the exact condition of your vehicle. As this type of transport requires much more expertise, human labor and professional equipment, higher costs incur. It is wise to use a car shipping calculator to plan your budget better, and in such cases you need to be very precise about the actual condition of your car.

TCI Logistics provides the most affordable and fast auto transport for inoperable vehicles. We provide prompt pick-up and delivery in order to avoid the expensive auction car storage fees.

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Reliable Auto Transport for Inoperable Vehicles


TCI Logistics transports inoperable vehicles on daily basis. Our skilled transport agents know how to transport your non-running vehicle regardless of if its overall condition. We regularly ship vehicles that have mechanical issues, or a missing wheel. No job is too difficult or impossible for us to handle.
There are different types of inoperable vehicles that need to be delivered. Whereas, some might be bought from an auction in a non-running condition, other could have been stored in a barn for years. Last but not least, our experts can help you with transporting your vehicle in case your car broke down while en route.


How to Transport an Inoperable Vehicle That Has Been Bought From an Auto Auction


If you have bought a car from an auto auction such as Copart or Insurance Auto Auctions, and it is in a non-running condition, you are probably looking for the fastest and safest way to have it delivered right to you.
In most cases, inoperable vehicles are lifted on a designated spot onto the trailer with the help of a forklift. A good planning is needed upon loading, as once loaded onto the trailer, non-operable vehicles cannot be moved.
If the vehicle has all four wheels and they are facing straight, driver will roll down the vehicle in a safe manner. If the vehicle has missing wheels, then a forklift would be required.

Hundreds of small businesses nationwide that deal with Copart and Insurance Auto Auction choose TCI Logistics for their inoperable cars to be transported to their business or residence.

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Transporting a Car with Severe Mechanical Issues or Damages Caused By Collision


Often, vehicles that are inoperable have to be picked up from a residence or a towing company that does not have the proper equipment to load a non-working vehicle on the trailer. If that is the case, TCI Logistics will send out a driver that has winch or forklift. They will be able to pull the vehicle onto the trailer.

Later, on delivery, the non-operable vehicle will be again unloaded with the help of professional equipment. Remember, to inform your representative whether your vehicle have its all wheels intact.


Assistance for broken cars en route


If your car broke down while you are travelling, we can assist you and have it delivered to you. TCI Logistics work with a big network of professionals and can secure fast and safe transport for your broken vehicle. We have transport agents located nationwide and so we can arrange a professional transport for your inoperable car.

TCI Logistics Inc has your back, we will send out a tow truck to pick you up. We will arrange your vehicle's quick transport to the nearest terminal and then have it delivered right to you.

TCI Logistics provides the most affordable and quick auto transport for inoperable vehicle, combined with prompt pick-up and delivery in order to avoid the expensive auction storage fees.

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