Door-to-Door Auto Transport – Why Should You Ship Your Car On An Open Trailer?


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Door-to-Door Auto Transport Services


Door-to-door car transport is the most common car shipping method in the United States. In fact, 95% of the automobiles are transported via an open car carrier. And, as there is such a huge number of open auto transport providers, competition is high and thus, you can easily have your car shipped right to you at a reasonable price. Depending on the season, you can even book door-to-door auto transport services at a lower cost.
Open car carriers can ship your vehicle at a lower price and could save you about $500, because the insurance costs are less with this type of transport. Of course, your vehicle is still protected while in transit – if it is a regular car, there is no need to pay for the more expensive insurance options.
Door-to-door auto transport services are mostly preferred for interstate deliveries, as distance comes as a major factor when your final price is calculated. Plus, as this type of transport is very popular, there are a lot of experienced truck drivers


Door-to-Door Auto Transport Companies - Flexibility and Short Delivery Time


Shipping a car via an open car carrier provides an opportunity to plan your transport better. Carriers that use open trailers are easy to find in almost any U.S. city. As they are broadly used, you can even schedule an urgent shipment in no time. Actually, big companies like CarMax, Enterprise and Budget transport all of their inventory via open car carriers in order to save time and reduce their shipping costs.
Open transport is very suitable for vehicles that are worth less than $80.000. When you opt for a door-to-door auto transport with an open car carrier, you can secure a timely pick-up and a professional driver that would optimize the delivery time for your job. In the event of damage, your car or motorcycle will be protected by the driver’s insurance policy. Choosing this method of transport does not mean that you compromise with the quality of the service

Vehicle transport via open carriers
Open car transport


Not All Door-to-Door Car Haulers Are the Same


There are different types of open car carriers based on the distance the carrier has to travel. Hauls that are longer than 500 miles are typically transported on double deck car carrier. That type of carrier transports from 7 to 10 vehicles simultaneously. Big rigs and the specially designed tractors empower professional truck drivers to complete long haul jobs. As double-deck trailers accommodate more cars, open car carriers can provide a lower price per mile. Generally, the longer the route is, the lower the price per mile is.
If you are transporting your vehicle shorter distance, 500 miles or less, most likely the car hauler that will deliver your vehicle will have a single deck and thus it can only accommodate from 3 to 5 cars. Smaller trucks run faster and can deliver vehicles in a close time window.
Please keep in mind that the insurance coverage varies from $150.000 for single deck haulers, to $250.000 for large trucks that ship 5 to10 cars.


Choose the Best Auto Transport


Opting for an open carrier is a safe option. Annually, TCI Logistics’ rate concerning damages is 6%, and only 3% are settled through and insurance claim. Furthermore, as we mentioned above, most of the big car auctions and dealerships prefer this type of shipment method, as it is economical and it also provides better time windows.
When you choose the best auto transport, make sure that you have done your research and you consider factors, such as experience, price and delivery times. The best auto transport companies will advise further based on your particular situation and needs. Work with an open transport provider who is licensed and insured like us, and who provides the best price and offers superior customer service.

Vehicle shipping via open carrier
Open auto transport


Door-to-Door Auto Transport Reviews


In most cases, open car shipping is faster because of the greater availability and the fact that the whole loading and unloading process is much easier. Dispatchers work hard to align the proper load of multiple vehicles that need to be delivered within the same time window. When you are booking your car transport service, it also essential to choose the fastest, most reliable and safe company.

You should further research your door-to-door car transporter in order to make an educated choice. That is why it is recommended to work with a BBB-approved company. Plus, you should also read auto transport reviews to get a better idea how potential companies resolve issues and manage their reputation online.


Consider the Size of Your Car When You Choose an Open Car Carrier


Open trailers are designed to ship versatile vehicles. If you have a modified SUV that has been lifted or is big in general, it is recommended to choose the open transport option, as there is more space available than if you opt for enclosed trailer.
When you book an open car transport, you will have to specify if your car ground clearance is above 80 inches. If it is higher, the shipping cost would be higher. Generally, open trailers can accommodate big pick-up trucks with very high ground clearance and wide base tires.

Open trailers
Transporting a vehicle


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We understand how stressful it may be for you to find the best auto transport and organize the whole delivery of your car. The experts at TCI Logistics will advise you on what would be the best course of action based on your specific needs and budget.

You want your car shipped door-to-door safely and easily in short notice – let us help. With our company, you can make an educated decision, as our experts will inform you about all of the possible options and their pros and cons.

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