Car transport Services for Rent-a-Car Providers


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Car transport Services for Rent-a-Car Providers


Our auto transport agents and coordinators understand the importance of having your inventory transported within different stores at any given time schedule. Our company can guarantee you professional, hassle-free, and timely auto transport. Your rental vehicles will be delivered to the right store location fast and easy.

Are you adding new rental cars to your inventory and looking for reliable auto transport services?


TCI Logistics Will Arrange Professional Delivery of Your Rental Car


We provide on-time pick-up and delivery of rental cars. Once an order has been placed, TCI Logistics verifies the vehicle condition and coordinate the process with the particular auction. Drivers are then assigned to pick up the vehicle at the arranged time and place. Upon pick-up, your driver will thoroughly inspect the rental car in order to accurately record its exact condition.

Keep in mind that transit time depends on the route distance and the particular vehicle size and weight. Our professional drivers will optimize delivery time and costs, by choosing the best route. When you work with TCI Logistics, we can expect superior and prompt service.

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If you are in the Limo business and you have a fleet of expensive supercars, we can provide the right solution for you. Often, shipping large and expensive vehicles can be a slow and a costly process. At TCI Logistics, the best car transport company, we have a professional network of carriers and we can organize the safe transport of your large vehicles. We can guarantee a timely pick-up and affordable shipping rates.

We offer multiple payment plans making it easy to work with TCI Logistics. Depending on what the scenario is, we can process credit card payments, ACH Payments, NET Pay, and company check at delivery.


Affordable Shipping Rates and Discounts for Multiple Rental Car Deliveries


We offer great discounts when shipping multiple vehicles simultaneously. If you want to ship more than two cars at once, you could reduce your cost by 15 - 20%. Furthermore, if you are shipping more than 5 cars, you could save 21% - 40% from the regular price. We support our loyal customers by providing special discounts if they need to deliver numerous rental cars on a regular basis.

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Open auto transport


TCI Logistics is the nation’s finest auto transport company. Dealerships and rental car providers trust us on a daily basis. We have a great track record of shipping rental cars nationwide, interstate or intrastate. We have hundreds of excellent reviews and we have received a lot of positive feedback from our corporate partners. Our experts take pride in resolving sophisticated and short notice rental car jobs.


Safety Assurance: When you strive to provide excellent customer service your clients, it is important to ensure a safe transport for rental cars.

The claim rates are slim to none when choosing TCI Logistics Inc. However, sometimes there are impediments such as act of God that are out of the driver’s control.

When accidents occur and you vehicle is damaged, TCI Logistics will always be there to find the best and fastest resolution. We process claims immediately and in most cases, cars are fixed in less than a week. The claim processing department at our office is working relentlessly to provide in time solutions. Please contact our auto transport agents with any questions or concerns about our terms and conditions.

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