Car Shipping Calculator: How to Estimate Costs Right


Whether you are moving long distance or you have just bought a car out of your state, you may need to look for a solution to transport your vehicle safely and cheaply. Just as with almost any service or product, you start your journey online. 


In a response to the high demand, many professional auto transporters and brokers have incorporated helpful online tools, such as the car shipping calculator. A car shipping cost estimator is very beneficial. It is a free online tool that gives you the idea of how much car shipping companies charge.



What is a car shipping calculator?

A car shipping calculator is basically a contact form that you submit through a car shipper’s website in a request to learn more about the company's price rates. Although car shipping quotes may vary per auto transporter, they generally request the same information. The latter includes vehicle, route and pick-up/delivery dates.


A car shipping cost estimator usually does not give you a binding offer. The estimating tool aggregates mostly historical data and preset values to figure out what your vehicle shipping cost might be. You should use it only as preliminary guidance, rather than as a final bid.


In an effort to provide the most accurate car shipping cost and quote, many transportation brokers will create more elaborate car shipping cost estimators. The latter will request more relevant information like if you are opting for enclosed car shipping or an expedited service.

Still be aware that that car shipping price rates may fluctuate based on the current regional or national economic state.


Ask for at least five car shipping quotes to estimate the approximate average cost of shipping a car like yours. It is easy and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

How does the Car Shipping Calculator Work?

Car shipping cost calculators use preset data and the shipment details that you provide to give you a ballpark price. This price is just an initial bid. Through a logistics software, the company will send you a car shipping price within an hour or maximum a day.


As  this is only an approximate price, most professional auto brokers will reach you by email or phone, so they can send you an accurate shipping quote. Although the weight of your vehicle and the distance of your route are the major factors that weigh in, there are numerous details that need to be discussed.


A reliable auto shipping company will not leave you with an estimated ballpark price. That is why most vehicle shipping companies will require your contact information. You should not choose a quote without speaking to a representative. An experienced sales representative will ask for as many details as needed to provide you with a binding price offer.


Car shipping cost calculators are only made to save time, as a convenient tool that can be handy regardless of the time and your location. That being said, you should be careful and not fully trust the estimate. DO not accept it as final or binding.


Car Shipping Calculator


How to Use the Cost Calculator for Car Shipping?

To find out how much it costs to ship your car, you need to simply enter the pick-up and the delivery states and dates. In order for the cost shipping calculator to give you a more accurate estimate, you will need to fill out vehicle make and model, its condition, and your preferred shipping method.


The shipping method you choose (enclosed or open) will affect your final price. As a rule of thumb, if you are shipping a common vehicle, you do not need to require an enclosed trailer. Most of the shipments are executed via open-air trailers and most of them arrive intact. It is recommended that you opt for an enclosed trailer when you ship a very expensive, luxury vehicle.


When you fill out vehicle details, be precise and make sure you denote the details as is. If you want to ship an inoperable vehicle, then you should note it when filling out the cost calculator. Generally, inoperable vehicles cost a bit more to be transported.


Also, fill in your preferred email and phone where the sales representative can talk with you, should they need more information. Some companies will even ask for a preferred time that is convenient for you. If there are any specific requests or information around your shipping job, address that matter accordingly. Most professional auto shipping companies have a few channels that you can use to reach them.


Important Factors That Affect Your Shipping Costs

There are a few important factors that you need to consider when you fill out a car cost shipping calculator. Those are variable and can greatly affect your final price.


  • Type of shipping method

Using an enclosed car carrier will increase your shipping costs, and it is worth the peace of mind when you want to transport high end or very expensive vehicles. Most people though are shipping their cars via open car transport. In fact, it is the standard in the industry. Plus, it is the cheapest way to move your car.


  • Vehicle make and model

The bigger your vehicle is, the higher your car shipping price will be. That is because larger vehicles weigh more and they need more space to be accommodated on the trailer. Furthermore, if you have done any modifications, such as adding large tires or racks, they will also increase your final shipping cost.


  • Vehicle condition

If your car is running, you will get a better auto shipping price. However, if your vehicle is not in a operational condition, you will have to pay more for the extra servicing. If your car is functional and can easily be maneuvered, that should not incur any additional fees. It is very important to inform your auto shipper about any mechanical problems in advance.


  • Pickup and delivery locations

If you need to ship your car to a more rural location, keep in mind that it will require the driver to deviate from their main route. That means more time and more fuel costs for the car carrier. Depending on how far from the main highway your final destination is, expect to pay almost double from the standard price.


Important Factors That Affect Your Shipping Costs


  • Time

Holiday season or bad weather conditions may significantly  increase your shipping rate. High season may inflict higher auto shipping price rates due to the greater carrier demand. You can expect to pay anything from $100 to $500 extra during peak season and federal holidays.


  • Economy state

Gas and diesel rates are important factors that drive car carriers to re-adjust their shipping rates. You can expect to pay from $100 to $300 on average during such economic fluctuations. If there is a sudden change in the petrol price, that will ultimately affect your car shipping quote.


How much does car shipping cost?

Auto shipping service costs $1.50 per mile on average for short distances that are up to 500 miles. Medium routes with distances from 500 miles up to 1500 miles cost around $.85 per mile. Longer routes that are more than 1500 miles long are about $.60 per mile.


How do I calculate my car shipping costs?

Your car shipping quote will include a few different factors. This includes route distance, car size, vehicle condition (whether it is operable or inoperable), transport type (open or enclosed), location and the dates when you want to ship your car.


Why should you choose TCI Logistics Shipping Cost Calculator?


  • The best auto shipping rates - we use a comprehensive car shipping calculator to provide you with the most accurate quote. We take all important factors in consideration in order to give you the best price based on your personal needs and requirements.
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