Why Should You Choose Enclosed Auto Transport?


Generally, most auto transport is handled via open-air car carrier trailers and very little of them had to experience glitches on the road. However, there are times when enclosed auto transport is the better and wiser choice. Whereas, open car shipping is far more widespread and there is more availability, in some cases, it does not make sense to go for open air.

Undisputedly, arranging an enclosed auto transport may take more time. If you are looking for an expedited service, that will increase the shipping cost even more. Also, if you are living in a more rural area, it will probably take more time for a professional car carrier to reach your place.

When to opt for an enclosed shipping method

Regardless of whether you are moving across the country, or you have bought a car long distance, in any time and any place, you may be in need of a professional car shipping company. It does not necessarily have to be a rare, one of a kind vehicle.

Just like if you are shipping a gift to a friend who lives far away. If you have bought some breakable items, a hand-made cup, or a glass souvenir, you will pack it using a lot of bubble wrap. Then, you will buy a sturdy box and request extra insurance from the courier.

Contrary, if you want to send a book or a fancy hat, then you will just wrap it in simple paper and you will not need the extra care. Enclosed auto transport provides a safer alternative where your vehicle will be fully wrapped and secured.

With enclosed auto transport, vehicles are shipped via a truck that operates a fully enclosed trailer. It has four sides and a solid roof. As your car may be one of the most valuable assets that you may own, sometimes, you may have to take extra care and arrange for a state of the art transport service.

When you are protecting an ‘Investment’

If you are just looking to arrange a safe trip for your car, then choosing a professional and reliable auto transporter will do the magic. Open transport is generally safe and you have more flexibility regarding pickup and delivery dates. However, you may be a professional driver who needs to ship their car for a competition. Or else, you may have a dealership owner who need to deliver cars fast to customer. In other words, if you have to protect your investment, then you will probably want to opt for enclosed auto transport.

Using an enclosed trailer, you protect your vehicle from snow, hail and blizzards, or any other elements that will damage the exterior of your vehicle. Hiring a trustworthy company will ensure that your car arrives safely and timely. And so, if you want to protect your vehicle from weather, you will need to choose the enclosed car shipping method upon booking with an auto transporter.

Protect Your Car from Snow

When you are protecting your vehicle from snow and other weather elements

If you are moving your vehicle during winter, then it makes sense to protect it from the snow. This shipping method is required when you have a classic car, or an expensive and customized paint job just recently done. These car shipping companies that will advise you to wait until the spring or summer months to ship your car or boat. If you cannot wait until the spring to ship your vehicle, then you should choose enclosed car carriers to complete the job.

If you think that snow is your arch enemy, think twice. Elements such as dust, dirt, severe wind and rainfall can do as much harm as snow. Depending on your route, you may want to protect your vehicle from the adverse effects from some weather elements. You can take special measures to ensure weather does not impact negatively the trip of your car.

Ultimately, if you do not want your car’s exterior to be exposed to any weather on the road, you will want to protect your vehicle from the harsh elements. In such case, opt for the enclosed auto transport.

Protect Your Supercar with Enclosed Auto Transport

When you are protecting a supercar or any vintage vehicle

Vintage cars are certainly gems that need special care, environment and handling. You need to give your all and ensure that they are properly conducted. Just as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry says “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” Your vintage vehicle has more money value, it is near and dear, because of the good memories you have.

When you want to take a special care for your antique car, you need to ensure a safe and smooth trip if you have to ship it. Super cars and boats require enclosed auto transport.

Peace of mind is what you crave                           

Whereas thefts are not a common threat and car loads rarely suffer from such adverse, still you need to think about security at all times. You need to be sure that you have organized the best and the safest trip for your auto.

Providing a protected environment from end to end is easy when you hire a shipping company that can arrange enclosed transport. If you are transporting a high end vehicle or a classic car for an expo, the chances are that your car can catch the eye of malicious people and it can get stolen. To prevent such an event to occur, you need to keep your vehicle’s privacy intact.

Also, if you are presenting some new model car, or a car that has some fancy modifications, you may need once again to keep it in secret while in transit before the unveil event starts.

Safety is a top priority

Shipping your car across the country, will add miles to your car, and give you a lot of stress too. You should not try to be cheap when it concerns your own health and the health of your cat as well.  Your auto will be exposed to the weather, if you choose to drive it by yourself. Also, if you have to rest at some insecure are, it may get stolen. Furthermore, you may experience force majeure, your car can get broken. Driving long hours at night puts an extra risk for your wellbeing as you may get fatigued. Safety always comes first!


Top things to know about car transport

  • What is the difference between open-air and enclosed transport?

Open-air transport is basically the most widespread car shipping method. Your car is exposed to outside elements such as rain, snow, dust, etc. It is generally a safe and fast way to transport your vehicle. Enclosed transport is often required for owners of vintage cars and luxury vehicles.

Shipping a car via an enclosed trailer will be a bit more expensive than shipping via an open car carrier. You can use our online car shipping calculator or talk with one of our sales representatives to receive a custom auto transport quote.

  • Can you ship my belongings inside my car?

If you ship a vehicle overseas, it is illegal and you may even face a serious penalty. Otherwise, leaving some non-hazardous items in your trunk will change the weight of your car and so you will incur extra fees. It is recommended that all personal items and retractable parts to be removed.

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