We provide a wide range of auto transport services.


When you want to move your vehicle locally or interstate, you only look for professional, reliable and affordable shipping services. Experienced transport specialists work with a cutting-edge technology to solve any hauling job. Check our wide range of auto transport services.

When you buy a car and you cannot drive it off or the seller's location, you may have it shipped to you as well. Shipping a car can be a tedious and quite costly experience. You want to make sure that you are working with the best auto transport company. Buying a car is a big investment, and you want to hire an experienced carrier. A company that can guarantee a safe and timely transport.

Open Auto Transport (Door-to-door)


Open auto transport is the most affordable way to have your vehicle delivered. Your car will be shipped door-to-door in an open trailer truck. Generally, more than 90% of the car carriers operate an open trailer. It is the fastest and most economical of our vehicle shipping options. If you are pressed for time, then you can take advantage of the ‘Expedited’ service. The insurance coverage offered for this type of transport is $250.000.


Inoperable Car Transport


Entrust your non-operable car to experienced professionals. Based on your individual case, a forklift or a winch will be used to load your inoperable car. Inoperable vehicles usually take longer to be picked up and delivered, and cost to ship such non-operable vehicle is a little higher. Most truckers are not willing to ship them. Contrary, our professional drivers take pride in completing laborious and complicated shipping jobs. The insurance coverage offered for this type of transport is $250.000.

Enclosed Auto Transport


Shipping your vehicle in an enclosed trailer comes at a much higher price. The enclosed trailer protects your vehicle from debris, hail, freezing rain and sleet. Enclosed trailers are more costly to be arranged as only a few cars fit in and are transported simultaneously.

However, if you are shipping a high value vehicle, then the enclosed type of trailer is recommended as a transport method. Enclosed auto transport requires the carriers to have expertise about classic, luxury, and vintage cars. The insurance coverage offered for this type of transport is from $500.000 to $1.000.000.


Motorcycle Shipping Services


We offer safe and secure motorcycle shipping services for all of you who cannot imagine their life without riding their motorbike. The cost associated with motorcycle transport is less than the cost of shipping an automobile, considering their small size. We have experience in storing and shipping motorcycles such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and BMW. Your motorcycle will be protected while in transit, as the insurance coverage offered for this type of transport is $250.000.

Auto Transport for Dealerships


If you are a dealer looking for a way to ship vehicles to customers, other dealerships and auctions, count on TCI Logistics. We offer open and enclosed auto transport from leading auctions such as Manheim, Adesa, Copart, and IAA. We can also arrange a direct, door-to-door delivery for all of your valuable customers.

Our drivers are experienced professionals who live up to the highest safety standards in our industry. TCI Logistics provides timely, efficient, and cost-effective transport to nationwide locations. If you are a dealer and you are looking for safe and reliable transport for your car inventory, do not hesitate to call us. The insurance coverage offered for this type of transport is $250.000.


Shipping Services for Rent-a-Car Providers


TCI Logistics is a preferred provider by many nationwide rental car businesses. We transport thousands of cars for our partner rental companies. Depending on the amount of the vehicles that has to be shipped, automobiles will be grouped on one trailer of up to 10 vehicles per car carrier unit. We provide fast, safe and reliable auto transport services for car rental companies all over the USA. Vehicles are insured for up to $250.000.

Antique Car Transport


Transporting antique vehicles is a complex process that requires finesse. Our company transports antique cars with exceptional care. We move antique vehicles and classic cars on a daily basis. All of our drivers are trained to handle high value, collectible cars safely and efficiently. We will secure the best trailer for your vintage car and keep you up-to-date while it is in transit. You will be able to track your classic car all over the way. The basic insurance coverage offered for this type of transport is $250.000.


Port-to-Port Shipping Services


If you are shipping your car or motorcycle overseas, you will need to get the vehicle shipped to a port first. TCI Logistics specializes in hauling vehicles to all U.S. ports. Our drivers are TWIC ® certified. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®) is required to secure drivers an access to areas of the nation’s maritime facilities and vessels.

We can guarantee that your vehicle will reach the port in a safe and timely manner, and at a reasonable price. Let us haul your vehicle overseas, port-to-port, including clearing your shipment through national port terminals. The insurance coverage offered for this type of transport is from $250.000 to 500.000.

Boat Shipping Services


When you ship a boat or yacht cross country or overseas, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. TSI Logistics will advise you on the specifics of transporting a vessel, such as how to prepare your boat prior to pick-up.

You should secure boat’s gear and accessories, and also empty all fuel, water and waste tanks. Our experts will arrange a fast and safe delivery of your boat and they will treat you with utmost seriousness. Please, keep in mind that boats are covered by insurance of up to $250.000.


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